12 Short Film Ideas for College Students

When you are learning to be a movie-maker (or just have creative tasks assigned), you always need fresh ideas for your short films. We wish

Shooting a Movie - Short Guide to Follow

Student years are filled with unexpected life events and memorable experiences. Shooting a movie may be an excellent way to have fun or a un

5 Movies Every Student Should Watch

College life is a controversial experience that can be fun and exciting or boring and daunting. When life seems messed up, and you cannot co

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Video message from Veronika Szemlova

12 July 2012

Veronika Szemlova with her animated short "You Shall Not Leave the Way" (Czech Republic) is the winner of the New Talent Award, awarded by the jury consisting Ken Wardrop, Conor…


09 July 2012

Many regards to the young filmmakers who sent us their work! Our audience and industry guests were very impressed by the quality of your work and you made the two…

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