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David Delany

  • Visual Director
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • +353877103140

Originally from Birmingham, England, now living and working in Dublin as a freelance animator for an international media company. A graduate of the BA Animation Production course at AUCB in Bournemouth, David has a love of all things animated and a particular passion for the craft of storytelling and innovative visual styles.

David is the co-founder of Freshly Squeezed Film Festival. At Freshly Squeezed, David's tasks involve both design and establishing our visual identity.

Check out David's work from .


In 2012, FSISSFF had the honour to also work with the following talented young people:

Ingmar Trummer, Claire O'Meara, Natacha Diaz, Jules Beck, Kenan Demirsay, Julio Carvalho, Sarah Agha, Claire McGirr, Evan Musgrave, Evan Horan, Alice O'Toole, Dzana Culic, Soazig Metrope, Thays Marquez, Heather Mulvaney, Francesca Gubellini, Kilian Hanratty, Adam O'Lone, Andrea Giorgi, Daniel Bevan, Micheal Stollberger, Jonathan Clancy, Brian Dunster, Gonzalo Broto, Vincente Tristao, Carla Magro and Maria Karolin.

Many warm regards for your help and support to:

Sulev Saar, Heli Saar, Eetu Anttonen, Adam Ripon, Helen Flanagan, Tom Marquis Prentice, Christine Sheridan, Sandra O'Donohue and the Screen Cinema team, Sandra Rowe & IMC cinema group, Edwina Forkin, Se Merry Doyle, Peter Robertson, Brendan Culleton, Robert Cullen & Boulder Media, Ken Wardrop, Mait Laas, David Caffrey, Conor Horgan, Maeve Cooke & David O'Mahony from Access Cinema, Goiamum Audiovisual Festival, Jane Anderson & Print Zone team, CameraKit Hire Department, Lighthouse Cinema, Dark Horse pub, Sören Tali, Katarina Allev, Nozomi Hoshikawa, Tanel Lips, Serinna Xu, Stjin Peeters, Lisa Isainmdom, Jean-François Luce, Michael Higgins, Adam Cullen and his comedy team; all of our featured filmmakers & university staff - you make this festival! ; to our friends, partners and family.

Thanks and thanks again - it would have not been possible without you!

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